It’s “very thorough.”

My Aunt1 and I keep in touch via email.2  I emailed her about my blog when I was going to start it.  I wanted to make sure she was okay with me mentioning her, even though it would be essentially anonymous.  She generously and happily gave her blessing3 and has been reading my blog since the beginning.

A few emails ago she said she’d been enjoying my blog and she commented that it was “very thorough.”  And that made me laugh, for a few different reasons, and I emailed her back that I just may have to do a post about it, and here it is.

So I found the comment funny for these reasons:

As soon as I read it, what flashed through my head was what someone would say about an obsessed person’s writings,4 as in, “Wow, it’s…..uh…..very thorough.”  While on the inside they were thinking, “You’re a freak.”  Like “very thorough” is the only nice thing they could find to say about something so weird.  I know this is not what my Aunt meant, and that just made it funnier to me.

I also found it funny because while others may not believe being called thorough is a positive thing, I find it to be a compliment.  But that’s because I appreciate thoroughness.  I’m a very detail-oriented person and thoroughness is a natural extension of that.  So being thorough is just part of my personality, and I like that.

Lastly, the comment was funny because in my blog I am purposely being thorough and very descriptive.  I am a relatively new knitter myself5 and I’m trying to give all the details that I would have appreciated and found helpful as a brand-new knitter.  I want my blog and patterns to be accessible to every knitter, no matter what their current skill-level.

So, along with my Aunt, I hope you, too, find my blog “very thorough.” 🙂

  1. The same Aunt for whom I designed the napkin rings. []
  2. We now live across the country from one another, in different time zones, and email is the most convenient for us. []
  3. Thanks again! []
  4. I freely admit I am a bit obsessed with knitting, but hopefully not to the point of being freaky, at least not yet. My husband’s my tether; he’ll keep me from falling into the abyss. []
  5. I started knitting about four and a half years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. However I’ve really only been knitting for about three years because I didn’t knit for a long time after my daughter was born. For all the parents out there, the reason for me not knitting during that time period will be obvious. []
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