Knitted Napkin Rings–A Sampler of Sorts, Part 3

This is my last installment on the knitted napkin rings I designed as part of a sampler set of six napkin rings.

I wanted a balanced and cohesive set, so I tried to pick patterns that would complement each other and I wanted a mix of vertically- and horizontally-oriented patterns.  Both tile stitch and ripple stitch combine vertical and horizontal elements within their patterns, making them ideal additions to the sampler set.

Tile Stitch Napkin Ring

With tile stitch, the “tiles” are made by offsetting blocks of Stockinette stitch with vertical columns of purl stitches.  These tiles appear side-by-side in a band around the napkin ring’s center and rounds of purl stitches create the tiles’ tops and bottoms.  So the tiles individually appear as a vertical, and in succession form a horizontal element.  The purled rounds at the top and bottom further reinforce the pattern’s horizontal nature. 

Ripple Stitch Napkin Ring

Ripple stitch creates undulating lines (just like a ripple in water) that move from side to side and top to bottom around the napkin ring.  So your eye moves vertically, up and down, with the rise and fall of the ripples, and horizontally as it follows the continuous bands of ripples around the napkin ring.

Download the last two sampler napkin ring patterns here:

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