A “Spectacular” Cabled Pillow Cover

Two Sided Throw Pillow Knitted Side

The cabled side of my throw pillow.

Last December I received a comment on a photo I posted of a cabled pillow cover I created.  The commenter called my design “spectacular” and asked me to share my pattern.  How nice is that?

Well, it’s only taken me 9 months,1 but I’m finally responding to this kind comment and posting the pattern for my Cabled Pillow Cover (see below).

My original pillow used two different colors of yarn and had a different pattern on each side.  I designed a cabled pattern for the one side and used dark brown yarn2 to knit it.  For the other side I modified a plough and cables pattern I found in the book Tunisian Crochet by Sharon Hernes Silverman, and I used a light brown yarn to make that panel.3  Then, to tie it all together, both physically and visually, I single crocheted the two panels together using a strand of each color of yarn.

My pattern is only for the cabled panel that I created.  You can knit two cabled panels and make both sides of the pillow cover the same, or you can choose a different pattern for one side, as I did.  The plough and cables pattern that I used is very pretty, but it’s not included with my Cabled Pillow Cover pattern since I didn’t create it.4

Two Sided Throw Pillow Tunisian Side

The other side of my cabled pillow cover, with the modified plough and cables pattern from Sharon Hernes Silverman’s book Tunisian Crochet.

If you love Tunisian crochet (as I do), or if you’re interested in learning it, Tunisian Crochet: The Look of Knitting with the Ease of Crocheting by Sharon Hernes Silverman is a great book to own.  It has clear, detailed instructions on how to Tunisian crochet, with photos for each step in the process, which I found especially helpful.  The book also contains many beautiful patterns–the Honeycomb Skirt and the Ivory Shell are particularly lovely, and the Have It Both Ways Pillow (from which I got the plough and cables pattern) is really attractive.  It’s just a fantastic book, with projects for every skill level, and I highly recommend it.

To make your own Cabled Pillow Cover, download my pattern here:

MakerKnit Cabled Pillow Cover


  1. It’s all my new daughter’s fault. Alright, not really. But I’m still trying to blame the baby for everything. []
  2. I used Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Truffle. []
  3. I used Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Camel Heather. []
  4. However, if you purchase Tunisian Crochet and want to modify the pattern to fit the other side of your 14″ cabled panel, just add 8 chains to the initial chain and work another set of Tunisian purl stitches and Tunisian simple stitches over those 8 additional chains. []
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