Having Fun with Upcycled Materials

My family and I love making things. We are definitely “makers” and especially like the idea of reusing and repurposing things. Inspired by the fun we’ve had as a family with shrink art kits, last year we learned to make our own shrink art with recyclable plastic containers. We love that we are not confined by the shapes, sizes, and designs provided in the kits (although we still think the kits are great fun). We love getting exactly what we want, and it’s satisfying to take one thing and upcycle it into another, more useful1 thing.

Making a star for one of my projects.

A panda pendant and some other pieces my daughter created.








Another upcycling project from last year was me learning to make yarn out of old t-shirts. I was familiar with the idea, but I had never tried it myself. And my husband had a few old white undershirts that were begging for retirement. I also wanted to try dyeing my own yarn, so I used the opportunity to do both–make and dye my own cotton t-shirt yarn. And I had a lot of fun.











To make your own shrink art or t-shirt yarn, just follow my step-by-step instructions.

Click here for my shrink art instructions.

Click here for my instructions on dyeing and making your own cotton t-shirt yarn.

Have fun, and don’t forget to email me photos of your fantastic projects!

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